Norway, Harstad

Существенные детали LegDog

Рост5'10" - 6" [175см - 185см]
Вес140 - 160 фунтов [60 - 70 кг]
Этническое происхождениеЕвропейское/Кавказское
ЯзыкиНорвежский, Английский
Интимная стрижкаБритая
Размер пенисаБольшой
Меня возбуждает
Girls with sexy long legs who knows how to use them to tease, play, caress and dominate.
And who has the intelligence and people skill to know when should not....
A girl that dares to meet the man inside.
Who does not care to much about the materialistic side of life.....,
And uses her energy to live this short earthly life for what it is worth.
About my age, I would say
Im mentaly: tventy something, physologicly: 30+, biologicly: my late 40`s
Обо мне
Girls with sexy long legs who knows how to use them to tease,dominate.
Меня отталкивает
Rude, voulgare or respectless behavior,
Fat girls, and girls with to big boobs
Girls only with comfidence in their looks,
who dont have the ability or dare to see their own personality or rather the lack of it....
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Sexy man! ;-)